Lexan Sign Grade Clear and Opal

Lexan™ Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass and offers virtually unbreakable glazing and outstanding durability. Lexan™ provides excellent fire ratings and the ability to operate over a wide temperature range (both high and low). Lexan™ sheet can be easily thermoformed, cold bent, welded and cemented and is fully recyclable.

LEXAN™ 9030

Lexan™9030 is virtually unbreakable and can be used for economical glazing and protection against breakage or intrusion. Lexan™ 9030 sheet can be easily thermoformed, cut, sawn, drilled and milled by using standard workshop equipment without the risk of cracking and breakage and is therefore perfect for multiple applications such as machine guards.


Lexan™ Exell™ D sheet has proprietary UV protection on both sides offering excellent weathering and a 10 year warranty. With its outstanding impact resistance it is widely used in building and construction applications and can formed into gentle curves which makes it a perfect choice for skylights, covered walkways, barrel vaults etc.


Lexan™ Sign Grade has two sides UV protection providing excellent impact resistance and weathering. The sheet has a matt finish on the outside surface for reduced reflection and glare. Also available is a bright white opal with unique light diffusing properties, uniform illumination minimising hot spots.


Lexan™ Margard sheet is a double-side hard coated polycarbonate sheet offering enhanced abrasion resistance, excellent dimensional stability, impact resistance, chemical resistance ,optical clarity and weathering. There are 4 versions available, to suit your application and provide durable and lasting glazing and protection.


Lexan™ Films offer high-quality, engineered thermoplastic products for graphics, consumer electronics and automotive applications. An extensive portfolio of gauges and textures helps meet ever-changing specifications and helps reduce system costs and functionality. All film products are RoHS and REACH-certified and offer UL certification.


Polycarbonate products are constantly being developed for the transportation industry to ensure light weight high performance solutions. SABIC’s opaque and translucent sheet portfolio provides light weight and high impact resistance options for aircraft and rail interiors. These products meet tough flame, smoke, toxicity and heat release regulations whilst ensuring the safety and comfort of the cabin environment. .


As demand for solar power rises, SABIC can now offer the first polycarbonate building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) panels for roofing, cladding and glazing applications. They offer architects and builders enhanced design freedom, thermal insulation, easy installation and energy production in a single, integrated solution. Lexan™ BIPV panels combine tough, lightweight, transparent sheet with flexible PV laminated crystalline cells and are available in a broad range of structures, configurations and colors.

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Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation is normally requested for two reasons; firstly when electrical insulation is required to work in high temperature ranges, secondly when there is need to prevent the loss of heat from a system


Electrical Insulation

Electrical insulation is chosen for its ability to resist the flow of electricity, nonconductive, it can be supplied in flexible thin films, thicker flexible laminates or rigid laminates and can be offered to suit various temperature ranges.