Febuary 2017Presspahn purchases a new HAAS mini mill 2 to ensure we have the latest and most reliable machinery in our plant list.
December 2016CNC Mailing sent out to customers - link
July 2016Pressaphn purchases new Fanuc WO EDM machine to replace older unit. This has resulted in improved cutting times and reduced lead time for steel tooling.  
June 2016Web store has now been updated, happy shopping at 
April 2016Presspahn has expanded warehouse space to include two new units dramatically increasing the amount of room for stock to ensure the best lead times for our customers.
Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation is normally requested for two reasons; firstly when electrical insulation is required to work in high temperature ranges, secondly when there is need to prevent the loss of heat from a system


Electrical Insulation

Electrical insulation is chosen for its ability to resist the flow of electricity, nonconductive, it can be supplied in flexible thin films, thicker flexible laminates or rigid laminates and can be offered to suit various temperature ranges.